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It's the first initiative created by Hong Kong people, to help manage the overpopulation of community dogs in Nepal through "Trap-Neuter-Return” approach. In our 2018 exposure to traffic accidents through community-based and humane practices. At the same time, the programme alleviates the risk of rabies in the local communities.programme we successfully neutered 203 community dogs and vaccinated them against rabies. We collaborate with local animal organisations to reduce the number of community dogs suffering from sickness, starvation and killed

尼泊爾社區狗隻絕育計畫 Nepal Community Dog TNR Program 
尼泊爾社區狗隻絕育計畫 Nepal Community Dog TNR Program 


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地點 Location


尼泊爾 Lalitpur市

​Lalitpur, Nepal

當地合作伙伴 Local Partner Organisation

Sneha’s Care

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